Roof Rat Control Scottsdale

Do you have a roof rat problem?

Roof Rat Control

You may have caught them foraging for food, heard them scampering after dusk, or found a nesting site. One thing is for sure though, once you discover them roof rat and pest control services in Scottsdale can’t occur fast enough.

Roof rats can be warier and much more skittish than other rat and rodent species. This makes professional roof rat control a necessity. As an experienced roof rat control company Anteater Exterminating Inc. doesn’t just handle your roof rat problems, we eliminate them.

If you think your infestation requires roof rat control in Scottsdale there are some behaviors and distinct signs that differentiate roof rats.

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Roof rat control in Scottsdale is required because roof rats can be significantly harder to trap, catch, or bait. That’s because they are more suspicious of environmental changes and dangers than other rats.

They are often found in attics, vegetation, trees, and bushes. In the outdoors, they feed on pet food, small insects, plants, and fruits. Roof rats will pursue human food when it is available and will make nests in out of the way places in businesses and homes.

Where do roof rats live?

Our roof rat control technicians in Scottsdale are trained to identify your rodent type. With visual similarities to the Norway rat that makes them hard to tell apart for the untrained eye, you may gain identification by analyzing their behaviors. Some of the most common exterior locations they nest include:

  • Within or behind lumber stacks, trash piles, woodpiles, etc.
  • Behind overgrown vines and vegetation or beneath fence ledges.
  • Supply sheds and higher areas within gardens.
  • Inside areas of thick brush either off or on the ground.
  • In poorly managed palm trees with many dead fronds.

Roof Rats

How do roof rats damage a home?

Roof rats are adept at finding ways into your home through vents and gaps. They thrive in overhead areas. Our control methods are specifically designed to combat these pests. We’ll treat every area they may be hiding including wall voids, attics, carports, ceilings, and soffits. Roof rats cause structural damage and spread disease.

Their teeth do not stop growing, and because of this, they need to gnaw. Electrical wires are frequently chosen, and since the damage occurs in such out of the way areas repair can be incredibly costly. Without roof rat control, something that seems minor can quickly become a major problem.

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We use modern integrated management techniques to control, remove, and exterminate roof rats. This includes a variety of methods that have proven effective in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. We’ll use appropriate methods, and modify every roof rat treatment for your property.

Our technicians take into account any pets and children you may have in order to provide the safest roof rat control available. We’ll also inspect your property, aiding you in habitat modification so that your home or business can be made less appealing to roof rats in the future.

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