Scorpion Control Avondale

Scorpion Control Avondale

Scorpion Control
Scorpion brood mothers reproduce up to 3 times a year and hatch 25 – 39 young each time. This occurs year round. That means an insignificant scorpion problem can become a major one very quickly.

Venomous bark scorpions are native to Arizona along with dozens of other scorpion species.

Just because the majority of scorpions produce little or no venom does not mean they are harmless. Stingers, pincers, and fangs can cause lasting injury and professional control methods are often necessary.

When they need professional scorpion and pest control services, Avondale relies on Anteater Exterminating Inc.

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Through study, training, and experience we’ve put together one of the most comprehensive scorpion management plans. Our top-down system provides a broad focus that narrows in scope to hone in on individual scorpions. Designed to eliminate areas scorpions find attractive, we also directly treat against active scorpions. Areas around natural environments and watered areas are more likely to experience scorpion infestation. Scorpions seek areas they can hide, hunt, burrow, and brood in safety. Professional scorpion control Avondale residents benefit from addresses these areas and more.

How do we get rid of scorpions in your house?

  1. Eliminate what attracts scorpions. The first step can be performed by homeowners. Eliminating harborage points makes a property more inhospitable to scorpions. Remove places they harbor like yard debris and any outdoor items. Minimize your watering and don’t leave items like shoes outdoors where scorpions can enter them. If an item must remain outdoors, raise it on a platform. This reduces harborage and allows us to treat beneath every area.
  2. Regularly maintained scorpion control is the best prevention. If elimination of outdoor harbor points isn’t enough, ongoing treatment is often enough. Our exterminators will treat areas like home openings, landscaped areas, pipes, cracks, and crevices that scorpions find attractive. We use a variety of treatments that are specifically designed for certain areas. This lays the right foundation for lasting Avondale scorpion control.
  3. The best scorpion killer is an intensive treatment. These in-depth intensive treatments begin with a complete analysis of your home. Our technicians will focus on identifying all entry points into the home, harborage areas, and which species is causing the greatest problem. We will treat these, and may also treat your attic.
  4. Keep scorpions out with mechanical exclusion. Mechanical exclusion is the final step in home fortification. We will identify and seal off every single harbor area and entry point into your home. This will have the biggest impact on your infestation, and force scorpions to re-locate if they want to find shelter.

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Scorpion Services
Scorpion Control Avondale AZAll of our exterminators are required to be certified by the Office of Pest Management in Arizona before hiring. Work verification and background checks must also be completed. Once hired, we provide specific additional training and have company mandated ongoing education. This keeps our technicians in peak form so they can provide our customers with the best scorpion control currently available.

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Scorpions are indigenous to Arizona. They aren’t going anywhere, but there are factors that make your home a scorpion destination. We use the latest methods, treatments, and materials to address these. Our scorpion control is based on scientific evidence, scorpion behavior, and thoroughly tested. Don’t get stung by a lesser company. Call or contact us for scorpion and pest control in Avondale now.