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Arizona Scorpions

Scorpion Control BuckeyeIf you’re not a massive fan of scorpions, you’ll be pleased to know that of some 1500 species that exist, only 90 live in the United States. And of the 90 that live in our country, only one is considered potentially deadly. The Arizona bark scorpion, and it is relatively common to find them inside homes. Now, this isn’t the best news for Arizona residents, but the fact that they are a general nuisance is good. What this means is that pest control experts like ourselves have a lot of experience in dealing with them. Our exterminators know everything about these pests from what they eat to their breeding and sleeping habits. This information is invaluable in providing effective scorpion control.

Scorpion brood mothers reproduce up to 3 times a year and hatch 25 – 39 young each time. That means an insignificant scorpion problem can become a major one very quickly. Venomous bark scorpions are native to Arizona, along with dozens of other scorpion species. Three other commonly found scorpions in commercial and residential Arizona are the striped tail scorpion, the giant hairy scorpion, and the striped bark scorpion. Just because the majority of scorpions produce little or no venom does not mean they are harmless. Stingers, pincers, and fangs can cause injury, and professional control methods are often necessary. When professional scorpion and pest control services are needed, Buckeye residents rely on Anteater Exterminating Inc.

Scorpion Information

While some people might think that scorpions are giant insects, they are actually in the arachnid family, meaning they are related to the spiders. The reason they are arachnids is that they have eight legs, whereas insects have six. Scorpions bodies are composed of two segments; insects have three. Even though we don’t want scorpions in our homes, they are still beneficial to the environment. Scorpions feed on smaller prey like insects, spiders, and lizards. The more you know about pests, the better you can protect your home from them.

Effective Scorpion Control

Through study, training, and experience, we’ve put together one of the most comprehensive scorpion management plans. Our top-down system provides a broad focus that narrows in scope to hone in on individual scorpions. Designed to eliminate areas scorpions find attractive, we also directly treat against active scorpions. Areas around natural environments and watered areas are more likely to experience scorpion infestation. Scorpions seek areas they can hide, hunt, burrow, and brood in safety. Buckeye residents benefit from addressing these areas of concern.

Scorpion Prevention

Eliminate what attracts scorpions; homeowners can perform this first step. Any area that a scorpion can hide and take shelter makes a property more hospitable to them. Remove places they like to harbor, such as yard debris and any piles of outdoor rubbish. Minimize your watering, and don’t leave things like shoes outdoors where scorpions can enter them. If an item must remain outdoors, raise it on a platform. By elevating something above ground level, it reduces scorpion hiding places and allows us to treat beneath every area.

Regularly maintained scorpion control is the best prevention. If the elimination of outdoor harbor points isn’t enough, ongoing treatment is often sufficient. Our exterminators will treat areas like home openings, landscaped areas, pipes, cracks, and crevices that scorpions find attractive. We use a variety of treatments specifically designed for specific regions. By doing this, we lay the right foundation for lasting Buckeye scorpion control.

The best scorpion killer is an intensive treatment. These in-depth intensive treatments begin with a complete analysis of your home. Our technicians will focus on identifying all entry points into the house, harborage areas, and which species are causing the most significant problem. We will treat these spots, and may also check your attic to be completely thorough.

Keep scorpions out with mechanical exclusion. Mechanical exclusion is the final step in home fortification. We will identify and seal off every single harbor area and entry point into your home. By doing this, we will have the most significant impact on your infestation, and force scorpions to re-locate if they want to find shelter.

Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpion Removal in BuckeyeLike most other pests, a scorpion’s primary goal in life is to find the basic needs for survival. Food, water, shelter. When they see these sources, they will typically take up residence and populate. To prevent scorpions from using your home as a breeding ground, you must eliminate all of these factors. We have already discussed removing any hiding places and blocking up opening into the house. But to make your property unattractive to the scorpions is to remove their food and water source. Insects, spiders, and other small prey are what keep the scorpions coming back. By using standard methods of pest control, you rid your home of other miscellaneous insects. By doing this, the scorpions will leave as well to find food elsewhere. It is unfortunate, however, that scorpions have adapted to live in the desert and can survive months without food. But like every living thing, they still require water regularly. If your home is providing the scorpion with food, water, and shelter, you will likely have a severe scorpion problem very quickly. Talk with your pest control specialist to ensure that all possible food and water sources are unattainable to the scorpions. Working together will make you home pest-free sooner!

Scorpion Stings

Scorpions, by nature, are shy creatures. They have been on this planet for hundreds of millions of years, and they have survived this long because they avoid conflict with large predators. A scorpion is unlikely to sting you unless you threaten or startle it. As the majority of scorpions in the United States are not poisonous, it is doubtful that you will be severely affected by a scorpion sting. The only potentially deadly scorpion is the Arizona bark scorpion. If you are stung by this species, you need to get to a hospital immediately to have an antivenom administered. Even though most scorpions are not poisonous, their stings can still be quite painful and cause an allergic reaction in some people.

It is always best practice to avoid scorpions to the best of your abilities. If you find one in your home, it is highly likely that there are many more. Do not try to kill it or remove it. Call your local pest control experts at Anteater Exterminating Inc. One of our technicians will be right over to assist you in riding your home of these terrifying arachnids. Residents of Arizona that work outside should always practice scorpion prevention techniques. Many scorpions find their way into homes by hitchhiking via flower pots, luggage, and boxes. If you work outdoors, it is essential to protect yourself from potential stings. Wearing long sleeves, pants, and gloves is ideal. It is also a good idea to shake out all of your clothing before putting them on to ensure there aren’t scorpions nestled inside. If you are allergic to scorpion stings, always carry an EpiPen with you at all times.

Scorpion Venom

It is not necessarily true that the smaller the scorpion, the more poisonous that it is. A baby scorpion would have a hard time stinging you, and while they do still have venom in infancy, they are unlikely to cause serious harm. Each species of scorpions produce a different toxin, which creates a range of toxicity. Because it takes a lot of energy on the scorpions part to generate the venom, they are careful with when they use it. The majority of the time, they use their venom to subdue large prey to kill and eat them. When used on humans, it is strictly for self-defense purposes. When scorpions sting and inject venom into their prey, the neurotoxins cause paralysis and death.

Certified Scorpion Control

All of our exterminators are certified by the Office of Pest Management in Arizona before hiring. We also require work verification and background checks. Once hired, we provide specific additional training and have a company-mandated ongoing education. By doing this, we keep our technicians in peak form so they can provide our customers with the best scorpion control currently available.

Local Pest Control

Scorpions are indigenous to Arizona. They aren’t going anywhere, but some factors make your home a scorpion destination. We use the latest methods, treatments, and materials to address these. We base our scorpion control on scientific evidence, scorpion behavior, and thorough testing. Don’t get stung by a lesser company. Call or contact us for scorpion and pest control in Buckeye now.