Scorpion Control Litchfield Park

Scorpion Control Litchfield Park

Scorpion ControlScorpions can multiply incredibly fast. Brood mothers typically give birth to up to 39 young 3 times in a year—that can make a small scorpion problem into a very large one in no time.

With dozens of species including the poisonous bark scorpion, scorpion and pest control services that Litchfield Park homeowners can rely on is a necessity. Even non-venomous varieties are hazardous. Pincers, stingers, and fangs are all at a scorpions disposal. Professional methods are often the only way to get an infestation under control, and that’s why locals choose Anteater Exterminating Inc.

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We’ve put together an incredibly robust scorpion management plan. With a top-down system, we can address major concerns first and work towards narrowing our scope. We provide treatment against active scorpions. That means eliminating areas they find attractive. This is why natural landscaping and watered areas more frequently experience infestations. Scorpions look for places they can brood, hunt, burrow, and hide in safety. Professional scorpion control that Litchfield Park residents benefit from removes these areas and more.

What are the 4 steps in the scorpion control process?

  1. Eliminating harbor points – Homeowners can actually do this part on their own. Removing harborage points makes the area surrounding a property more unappealing to scorpions. Remove any outdoor items and debris they can hide under. Minimize watering. Do not leave shoes and other items outdoors. If you have to have something outside place it on a platform. This makes it easier to treat it to get every area a scorpion may hide.
  2. Regularly maintained scorpion control – If eliminating these harbor points doesn’t do the job, ongoing treatment frequently does. Our exterminators will treat areas like crevices, pipes, home entrances, cracks, and landscaped areas. We use different treatments for different areas. Specialized treatments are most effective, and lay the foundation for lasting Litchfield Park scorpion control.
  3. Scorpion intensive treatments – This step involves a total analysis of your home. Our technicians will identify every entry point, harborage area, and which species is creating the largest problem. In addition to treating these points, we may also address the attic. This is an ignored area scorpion often enter from.
  4. Mechanical exclusion This is the final step for fortifying your home. We will locate and physically seal off every entry and harbor point in and around your home. This will have the largest positive impact. When scorpions cannot get in they are forced to move elsewhere.

Scorpion Services

Is your scorpion control expert certified?

All of our technicians are certified by the Office of Pest Management in Arizona. We perform background checks and work verification prior to hiring. Once an exterminator is brought on we perform additional training. This is further backed by ongoing company mandated education. This helps us to maintain the highest standards by performing scorpion control with the newest methods and treatment products.

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Scorpions are indigenous to Arizona. They’re not leaving but you don’t have to give them a reason to stay. We use the newest materials and treatment methods. Our scorpion control that Litchfield Park residents depend on is based on scorpion behavior, backed by scientific evidence, and has been extensively tested. Don’t get stung by a lesser company. Call or contact us today for scorpion and pest control in Litchfield Park now. Also, see us for termite control.