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You’ve found one scorpion in your house. Are there more?

Scorpion ControlScorpions remain active throughout the entire year. With a brood mother producing up to 39 young at a time, it doesn’t take long for a scorpion problem to get out of control. If you can see one, there are almost always more.

Arizona is home to the venomous bark scorpion in addition to dozens of other species. Though bad reactions aren’t common, scorpions are still a well armed, quickly reproducing menace. When they need effective scorpion and pest control services, Scottsdale residents turn to Anteater Exterminating Inc.

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Through training, experience, and study, we’ve determined one of the most effective ways to manage scorpions in Scottsdale. Utilizing top-down management we can eliminate the factors that make your home attractive to scorpions. Scorpions prefer an environment that allows them to easily hide, burrow, brood, and hunt. Certain areas are more prone to scorpions, especially when they are next to natural environments like golf courses, deserts, mountainsides, washes, and more. Professional scorpion pest control service isn’t a one-step process.

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  • We use leading commercial-grade scorpion control products.
  • Our exterminators also utilize natural scorpion control methods.
  • Scorpion prevention techniques help keep these pests from returning.
  • Every scorpion treatment is customized for your property.

The best scorpion killer is a trained professional.

Every single one of our technicians is required to be certified by the Office of Pest Management in Arizona before beginning work. We then provide additional training and ongoing education. Work history is verified and background checks are performed prior to hiring. This supplies us with some of the area’s most dedicated, sharpest, and knowledgeable technicians.

The 4 levels of scorpion pest control.

Scorpion Control

  1. We eliminate the areas where scorpions hide. If an area is not suitable, scorpion populations will move elsewhere. Remove debris and items from your yard and around your house. Trim any overgrown shrubs and trees. If an item must remain, make sure it is elevated. Minimize watering, and do not leave items like shoes outside. This allows us to treat beneath items and is the first step toward control.
  2. Maintenance keeps scorpions away. If removing harborage areas around your home in Scottsdale does not solve your problem, regular treatments may be necessary. Our exterminators will treat areas that scorpions commonly dwell in like crevices cracks, openings to your home, pipes, and areas that have been landscaped. We know how to use treatments to their greatest effect, and this is the foundation of lasting protection from scorpions in the home.
  3. Our exterminators perform intensive scorpion inspections and treatments. These are much more intense than a regular treatment and provide a full analysis of your home. Our technicians emphasize scorpion identification, harborage, and access points. We’ll use guaranteed treatment methods that deliver long-lasting, fast scorpion relief. This may include treatment of the attic as this is a frequent entry point for scorpions that is often ignored.
  4. We scorpion proof your home with mechanical scorpion exclusion – Mechanical exclusion is designed to make your home impermeable to scorpions. We’ll identify and seal every point of entry and area that can harbor scorpions. This will have the greatest impact on your infestation, and force scorpions to seek shelter elsewhere.

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Scorpions are indigenous to Arizona. They will always be here, but there are reasons they prefer your home. We address these using the latest in treatments, materials, and methodology to provide well-rounded, tried and tested scorpion and pest control. Don’t get stung by a lesser company. Call (623) 877-0550 or contact us now.