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Do I have a scorpion infestation?

Scorpions breed very quickly and are creatures of habit. If they determine that your home is the best environment to live in, that’s where they will go. One of the best prevention methods is to make sure the outside of your home isn’t inviting first. After their first molting, baby scorpions will leave their mother. If she is hiding under a rock outside of your home, guess where the babies are heading? That makes scorpion control from the certified technicians at Anteater Exterminating Inc. critical.

How do scorpions get inside?

Scorpions enter homes in a number of ways. Many scorpions are adept climbers. They may crawl into a home from beneath it, entering through gaps in the foundation. They are also thin enough to fit under doors or crawl inside of ground level windows. Scorpions can also hitchhike indoors. They may hide inside of shoes, firewood piles, and other items left outdoors. Because of the way their lungs are structured, scorpions can even get in through your plumbing system.

Why are there scorpions in my house?

Scorpions are attracted to a number of different things. They need shelter, a food source, and water.

  • Scorpions like the dark. Scorpions are nocturnal predators. Being active at night helps them conserve valuable resources. That’s why the basement is such a common area to find them in. Eliminating indoor items with space beneath the for scorpions to hide eliminates dark and inviting hiding places.
  • Scorpions eat insects. Insects make up the largest portion of a scorpion diet. If you have a separate pest problem it can provide a food source for scorpions. That makes your house an ideal hunting ground and means current scorpions will harbor there and new scorpions will be moving in.
  • Scorpions need a steady water source. This is nearly impossible to avoid, but you could consider fine mesh drain covers. These will prevent any scorpions larger than the mesh allows from getting into your home. Outdoor areas should always be cleared of damp leaves and debris. These provide scorpions with moisture and cover.

What kind of scorpions are in Arizona?

There are a wide variety of scorpions in Arizona. Some of the most common varieties you are likely to encounter include:

  1. Arizona bark scorpions: Depending on how you look at it, it’s lucky that the Arizona bark scorpion is North America’s most poisonous scorpion. That’s because a sting isn’t deadly, just painful. It causes pain, vomiting, numbness, and tingling for up to 72 hours. You’ll know this scorpion by its thin pincers and tail. Colors range from orange to tannish yellow.
  2. Arizona striped tail scorpion: As the most common variety of scorpion in Arizona, you may have already been introduced to a striped tail scorpion. They do sting but it isn’t more painful than that of a wasp. This species can be recognized by the black stripes along its tail. Be wary when outdoors. These scorpions hide under rocks and like humid areas.
  3. Arizona giant hairy scorpion: These scorpions can be as long as 4 inches. They do sting, but it’s typically compared to a bee sting. You can spot them because of their unique hairiness and color combination. As the hairiest North American scorpion, you’ll want to look at their legs and stinger for black hairs. Their back (dorsal) area is dark, and they’re limbs are a very light yellow.

Why do I need professional scorpion control?

Scorpion Pest Control Services

You’ll never succeed in exterminating every scorpion if you live in Arizona. That makes exclusion the very best available option. Taking the first step is easy. Walk around the perimeter of your home. Remove any low slung rocks that create inviting habitats for scorpions. Removing the areas they like to hide in helps to move them to a different area.

Scorpion exclusion the right way.

Scorpion exclusion seals your home against scorpions. We’ll perform a number of different treatment methods, both working to eradicate existing scorpions and keep new pests from entering the home. We focus our efforts on entry points. Using the highest quality materials is important. Our products stand up to moisture, sunlight, and time. Our service is tiered. Starting small and working up to full home exclusion can eliminate the problem early in the process. If initial services are effective we can maintain your current level of scorpion control.

Don’t let scorpions have the run of your home. You shouldn’t live in a state of constant vigilance. Our technicians locate and eliminate scorpions. We make your home uninviting to pests, and more inviting for you at the exact same time. If you have a scorpion problem, call or contact us today.



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