Why are there spiders in my house?

Black Widow

I have a spider infestation in my house!

Don’t panic. Whether you’ve just discovered a serious infestation in the basement, or anywhere else, don’t panic. Spiders are not like they are in the movies. They prefer to build their web, sit in it, and wait for a meal to fly right in. Many spiders are actually quite beneficial. They help keep problem insect populations down. That doesn’t mean you want them in your home though, and we can help. If you’ve got a spider infestation or have identified a dangerous spider make sure to contact Anteater Exterminating Inc.

Why are there spiders in my home?

  • It’s easy for spiders to get inside. One of the largest predictors of spiders in the home is how easy it is for them to get inside. This is why you’ll frequently see so many spiders in older homes. Because windows have started to separate and nothing closes as tightly as it used too, spiders have a much easier time coming indoors when they want to.
  • The weather is changing. Like many other creatures, spiders prefer a certain temperature and climate. When that changes they’ll look for a home with a consistent temperature and humidity that they find appealing. Unfortunately for humans, we keep our homes at a very comfortable level for spiders. This is one of the reasons you’ll find many more spiders in your home immediately after a heavy rain. They were seeking shelter, and that shelter happened to be your house.
  • You’re supplying them with food. What do spiders eat? Other bugs. This includes flies, flying ants, flying termites, moths, and a host of others. If they can catch it in a web, they will eat it. One follows the other as well. If you have a problem with one of the pest types that spiders prey on, they will move in seeking an easy food source. Pretty soon you’ll have a spider problem too.
Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spider

Are there dangerous spiders in Arizona?

There are two poisonous spiders that can pose a serious risk to humans in Arizona. If you encounter any of the following your best course of action is to leave them alone, make sure you keep any children and pets far from the area and contact a pest control expert as soon as possible.

  1. Black Widows These spiders are easy to locate by their large black bodies and red hourglass shaped pattern. They typically spin their web in low slung and protected areas. This can make them difficult to spot and more dangerous for it. Black widows only attacked if they feel threatened. Unfortunately, a misplaced hand can seem very threatening to a spider. Because they can produce a large number of offspring, you’ll want to contact an exterminator as soon as you locate a black widow.
  2. Brown Recluse These spiders can be found all across North America. They are extremely venomous and often live inside of closets, woodpiles, cellars, and other dry areas. They hunt at night, making an encounter much more likely. Luckily, bites are fairly uncommon. If you see one do not approach it. Call an exterminator immediately.
  3. Arizona Brown Spider These poisonous spiders live in the desert. That makes encountering them extremely rare. They may most often be found in packrat dens. Because this spider is so reclusive, you are unlikely to run into one. They even avoid green lawns.

Big Black Widow

Do I need spider control?

If you’ve got any sort of spider infestation, it can be helped with professional spider control in your area. Encountering a deadly spider is definitely cause to call in help, though. Species like the brown recluse have venom that causes necrosis. This can leave irreversible scars, and the risk is better left to the professionals.