Termite Control Avondale

Termite Control Avondale

Termite ControlTermites never stop working, and that’s not good news when their work involves the destruction of your property. Every minute you spend deciding what to do their colony expands further and damage increases. When you want termite and pest control services in Avondale you can rely on, trust the professionals at Anteater Exterminating Inc.

We use state of the art control techniques to engage termite problems on multiple fronts. Our technicians are always training as new methods, termite treatment solutions, and equipment becomes available. When it comes to termite control, Avondale homeowners shouldn’t take any chances. If you encounter any of the following termite infestation signs, contact us without delay.

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Signs of termites in the home.

  • Droppings – These are found throughout a nesting site, often near tunnels. They are pellet shaped and frequently smell like mildew.
  • Mud Tubes – Many termites needs to be moist. To remain this way they create networks of mud tubes that may appear on floors, ceilings, and walls.
Damage from termites in the home.

  • Wood Damage – When they need termite control, Avondale residents will frequently find wood damage. Damage often appears in a honeycomb-like pattern.
  • Buckling – Walls and ceilings may buckle or bulge outward as the insects compromise the integrity of your property.
  • Water Damage – It is easier for termites to tunnel through moist wood beams. If discovered this should be repaired immediately, and property owners should be vigilant for signs of termite.
Drywood termite signs and entry.

  • Entry Point – These termites aren’t found as frequently in Avondale as subterranean species. They often hitchhike into homes in antique furniture.
  • Signs – Look for cracking and blistering in an items veneer. Tap on the wood and listen for a hollow sound. Look for red to brown pellets with six sides. These are all Drywood termite indicators and you should avoid the piece.

For termite control, Avondale demands a carefully considered treatment backed by concrete evidence and expertise. That’s where our control methodology truly shines.

We use the most effective termite treatment process.

  • Treatment starts with an exhaustive termite inspection. From the minute our technicians arrive, we begin looking for signs and symptoms. We identify the termite species, colony size, and damage to the home. We’ll ask where you’ve seen activity, creating an evidence log to document our findings. That’s precise termite control Avondale property owners can rely on.
  • We map your termite problem and identify key areas. A diagrammatic description is a map of your property that identifies critical information. It helps us to track termite activity, identify entry points, damage, and movement. This plan allows our technicians to provide the most thorough and targeted termite control in Avondale. We understand what effects treatments have on different species, and always use the most efficient methods for control.
  • Our technicians create a custom termite management plan. We make plans for specific properties and infestations. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to termite control. Depending on your needs, termite species, and infestation severity we’ll use multiple methods for complete control. These may include pesticides, baits, poisons, traps, and more.

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Many of our termite control plans are warrantied for up to 5 years. We believe in our termite control so much, we guarantee it. When you want an experienced local termite and pest control company in Avondale that creates a tailored treatment to eliminate your infestation call or contact us today.
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