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Termite Control
A termite infestation can seem daunting and scary. It may feel like your home has been invaded, but the time to take action is now. For trusted local termite and pest control services in Litchfield Park smart homeowners choose Anteater Exterminating Inc.

Our comprehensive termite control methods are state of the art, and we attack termites on multiple fronts. Our technicians work hard to stay at the front of the industry, that means continual training and integration of new techniques, equipment, and products as they become available.

Don’t accept anything less from your termite control, Litchfield Park can be home to some hardy species and targeted action should be taken at the first sign.

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Signs of a Termite Infestation

Signs of a Termite Habitat

  • Droppings – Termite droppings look like pellets. These will be found in piles throughout a property and accompany the smell of mildew.
  • Mud Tubes – Subterranean termites require moisture. In a dry environment, they’ll build networks of mud tubes to do so. These can be found on ceilings, walls, and floors.
Signs of Termite Damage

  • Wood Damage – When residents need termite control, Litchfield Park homeowners will often find damaged wood. This looks like the pattern of a honeycomb and will be moist and/or brittle to the touch.
  • Buckling – Severe damage can mimic that of water damage, causing outward buckling of walls and ceilings. Enough damage may cause an area to give out entirely.
  • Water Damage – The most common Arizona termite species prefer moist wood. This is easier to nest in and chew through. Fix water damage immediately and keep your eyes peeled for additional termite signs.
Drywood Termites

  • Entry Point – These termites aren’t as problematic in Litchfield Park as subterranean species. They often nest in antique furniture, using it as entry into homes.
  • Signs – Look for blistering and cracking in an items veneer. Wood may sound hollow when tapped on. Six-sided brown and red pellets of 1-2mm may be found around or in the item. These are all symptoms of drywood termites and it’s advised not to bring the piece into your home.

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  • Termite Inspection – Every visit begins with a thorough inspection. We’ll speak with you regarding your experience and inspect the home both inside and out. Our technicians are trained to identify even subtle, hard to detect signs of an infestation. Looking for activity, live specimens, damage, and entry points helps us identify the scope of the infestation. Careful logging of evidence ensures accuracy. This allows us to provide termite control that local property owners can trust, designed for their specific building.
  • Diagrammatic Description – Diagrammatic descriptions are used to map out information acquired during our inspection. It allows us to identify key traits of your infestation, and map where signs, damage, specimens, and likely movement have occurred throughout your property. It aids our technicians in devising a targeted termite control plan that’s specific to your property. Homes and infestations aren’t created equally. You shouldn’t accept a one size fits all termite treatment.
  • Termite Control Plan – For termite control, you deserve a company that takes the time to treat their property on an individual basis. We’ll create a plan that’s uniquely suited to your needs, infestation type, and property demands. Multiple methods may be used, including poisons, traps, baits, pesticides and more.

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We warranty many of our termite control services for up to 5 years. That’s a guarantee that lets you sleep easy. When you want a trusted local termite and pest control company in Litchfield Park that executes an individualized treatment plan to remove your infestation call or contact us today.
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