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Are Pest Control Workers Considered Essential During COVID-19?

Yes, pest control services such as Anteater Exterminating in Phoenix are considered essential businesses under Arizona Governor Ducey’s executive order issued in March. However, Governor Ducey has since released the “Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger” executive order in which many “nonessential” businesses are now allowed to operate under strict social distancing and disinfection guidelines starting May 8, 2020.

Can I Call an Exterminator During COVID-19?

Yes, you can call a pest control service or exterminator during the COVID-19 crisis here in Arizona. We here at Anteater Exterminating highly value the health and safety of both our employees and clients. We are following all state and CDC-recommended guidelines concerning the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Common Summer Pests in Arizona

With the weather warming up, homeowners across Arizona may see an influx of unwelcome guests in their home. With so many critters looking for ways to escape the heat, it’s critical to keep up with regular pest control service to prevent any infestations. No one wants a scorpion to interrupt that Zoom meeting!


can you call pest control during covid 19

Are you working from home? Are you surrounded by bugs? Call Anteater Exterminating today for comprehensive pest control services!

If you live here in Phoenix, Arizona, the chances are that you’ve seen a scorpion either in your home or near it. While scorpions do thrive in warm, desert conditions, some days get too hot for them, also. In these cases, they’ll make their way into your home and settle into cool, dark areas. The most common scorpion in the area is the bark scorpion.

Bark scorpions are small, brown scorpions that do well in desert conditions but tend to be most active at night. They hide away from the heat during the day, but they are excellent climbers. Bark scorpions can enter a space with a gap as little as 1/16th of an inch. You may notice that you have more bark scorpions on your property if you have citrus trees. Bark scorpions have a painful, poisonous sting. If there are children under the age of 10 in your home, it’s crucial to prevent scorpions from making their way into the house and yard. Call us today at Anteater Exterminating to ask about scorpion prevention.


Mosquitos aren’t necessarily just a summer problem here in Arizona. Since they can breed year-round here due to the warm weather, mosquitos are a constant nuisance in Maricopa County. Mosquitos carry diseases such as the West Nile virus, which is why it seems that Maricopa County businesses and homes are always fogging. Yet another reason why preventative pest control is an essential service for Phoenix-area homeowners!


While most species of ants don’t present a health risk to humans, that doesn’t mean that anyone wants these pests wandering around their home, especially their kitchens! If you find that more and more ants are finding their way into your home as the weather warms up, it may be time for a professional pest control technician to pay a visit.


Unfortunately, bees can be a problem here in Phoenix. Homeowners in the area may be confronted with a swarm sometime this summer. In that case, make sure to have the names and numbers of local organizations meant to help remove bees and conserve the environment. Local pest control services often don’t have the resources to relocate honeybees.

Africanized honeybees are sometimes referred to as “killer bees.” If you encounter a swarm of Africanized honeybees, it’s critical to remember the following:

  • Do not flail your arms. This will only agitate the bees.
  • Run in a straight line. Most people should be able to outrun a swarm of bees, but be prepared to run up to a quarter-mile.
  • Go inside. If you’re within a reasonable distance from a bee-proof structure such as a house, tent, or car, go inside as soon as possible and wait for the swarm to leave.
  • Do not jump into a pool or any other water. The bees will wait for you to resurface and will sting your face when you come up for air.


Arizona is home to many different species of spiders, some of them poisonous. Spiders tend to live in areas where many other bugs live and like houses with lots of light. Some of the most common spiders found around homes in Phoenix include:

  • Tarantulas. While tarantulas are large, hairy, and scary-looking, they’re usually not very aggressive and are mostly found outside. Some species of tarantulas, including ones found in Arizona, possess a mild venom, though they rarely bite humans.
  • Black widows. Another common spider in the Phoenix area is the black widow. Black widows like to stay near the ground, so they’re most often found in corners or underneath things on the ground. While black widow spiders have potent venom, a human rarely dies from a black widow bite. However, a single black widow bite can make an adult seriously ill.
  • Brown recluse spiders. Brown recluse spiders are poisonous and fairly aggressive. The small brown spiders tend to hide out in closets, garages, woodpiles, and other areas where it’s unlikely they’ll be disturbed.

If you see spiders in your home, it’s best to remove them from home and call a pest control service to help avoid any bites or stings.

How Can Anteater Exterminating Help You?

Working from home with some uninvited many-legged coworkers? Call us at Anteater Exterminating in Phoenix to set up preventative pest control service to help control the bugs and critters in your home this summer and beyond. We are dedicated to providing the best service, especially in uncertain times like these. Call us to inquire about our services and how we can best serve you comfortably and safely amid the coronavirus crisis here in the United States.

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Are Pest Control Workers Considered Essential During COVID-19?

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