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What to Know about Termites in Arizona

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Don’t Ignore a Termite Infestation Do you have termites? Wondering what to do now? Don’t worry. Here at Anteater Pest […]

Should I Be Worried about “Murder Hornets” in Phoenix?

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Are “Murder Hornets” in Arizona? No, there has not been a confirmed sighting of a “murder hornet” in Arizona. Dawn […]

Are Pest Control Workers Considered Essential During COVID-19?

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Yes, pest control services such as Anteater Exterminating in Phoenix are considered essential businesses under Arizona Governor Ducey’s executive order […]

Phoenix Pest Control: Common Spring Pests in Arizona

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Springtime Pests on the Rise Homeowners aren’t the only ones crawling out of the nooks and crannies after hibernating in […]

Extermination Education: Termite Awareness Week

Posted on by Anteater-admin

How Much Do You Really Know About Termites? Though termites might not seem like a pest you want to know […]

Identifying Common Household Pests

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Pest Control in Phoenix Owning a home is a pride and joy for many individuals and families in America. Finally, […]

8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Pest Control is the Safest Solution Pest control in Phoenix is a significant issue. The beautiful desert environment comes with […]

Types Of Rodents You Should Know About

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Types of Rodents There are several different types of rodents that have the potential to invade your home at any […]

Protecting Your Home And Why You Should Call An Exterminator

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Dealing With Pests When a pest of any kind, whether it be a rat, ants, cockroaches, or termites has gotten […]

Coexisting With The Bees

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Are Bees Dangerous? The population of bees has been at a concerning level for quite a while, and it is […]

Why Bed Bugs Require Professional Help

Posted on by Anteater-admin

Dangers of Bed Bugs Bed bugs are, unfortunately, a prevalent pest that affects many people. These tiny insects feed on […]

What No One Tells You About Outdoor Pest Control

Posted on by Anteater-admin

How Do I Get Rid Of Bugs On My Patio? Don’t give up on that vegetable garden just yet! Keep […]


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