Coexisting With The Bees

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The population of bees has been at a concerning level for quite a while and it is important to try other alternatives of bee removal before extermination. Although sometimes there are no other options available and that is when a pest control Phoenix company is needed! Humans have developed a strange relationship with bees. In many cases, coexisting is possible and both parties can get along fine without bothering the other. Most bees will avoid stinging humans if they are not threatened. However, there are times when having the bee hive removed is the better option.

For example, if someone is dangerously allergic to bee stings, it is always better to ere on the side of caution. There is no need for a trip to the ER that could’ve been prevented. Even if an allergy is not a concern being stung by a bee is still not enjoyable. And depending on the species of bee or wasp that is present the stings can vary greatly in the degree of pain. Aggression is also a major reason for hives to be removed. Certain species of bees and wasps tend to be more territorial of their hives and will attack if they feel threatened. This can pose major issues if the bees have built their hive in a very inconvenient and high traffic area.

Determining If There Is A Bee Problem

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if there is a serious bee population in or around a home that needs to be dealt with, or if it is just an increase in bees because of the time of year. There are things to look for that can be indicative of a bee hive nearby. An increase of bee activity around the home or property, dead bees inside, old nests under the roof and holes in wood structures. All of these are good indicators of a bee population living nearby.

It is also a good idea to check the common places that bees like to build their hives. Finding the hive is helpful because it not only identifies what areas to avoid but it allows the beekeeper or bee removal expert to know where to look. Check these common places for bee hives:

  • In the ground
  • In or around the house
  • Around the pool
  • In the siding of the building

Some of these areas can be easier to investigate than others but are good places to start looking if there is a concern for bees.

Figure Out What Kind of Bees Are Present

Determining what kind of bees are on the property is an important step. Most species of bees are relatively docile and won’t attack unless handles or threatened. But other species of bees like wasps, hornets and yellow jackets tend to more aggressive and have more advanced defense mechanisms. If it is unclear what kind of bees are present it is best to consult with a pest control specialist. Once the species of bee is determined it is fairly simple from there to establish a removal and treatment plan.

Make The Bees Relocate

Bee Control PhoenixDepending on the location of the hive it may or may not be necessary to have it removed. Eventually it comes down to a decision on whether or not to have the hive removed. Consider the pros and cons before making a decision. Bees provide pollination for gardens and help other plants, so having them around could be beneficial if they are not too much of a bother. On the other hand, bee stings can be dangerous and getting the hive removed can be safer if there is a worry about safety.

It’s much easier for a population of bees to relocate and build their hive elsewhere than for humans to pack up and move homes because of a beehive. And there are several home methods that can help a home or business seem less inviting to the bees. A good amount of the bees species like to nest in the ground. This can be extremely dangerous and unfortunate when homeowners go outside to mow the lawn or weed whack. Preventing bees from nesting in the ground is fairly simple and is probably something that is already done regularly. Watering the lawn frequently will help keep the grass and dirt moist which will prevent the bees from building a nest there. Beehives need a drive environment to build their nests, because their nests are paper like they can’t get wet or their entire structure will collapse.

Using a DIY bee spray might also be useful in deterring bees from certain areas of a home or business. It is common knowledge that bees love flowers, they love the sweet, floral scent. But there are certain smells that they very much dislike. Peppermint, tea tree and cinnamon oils are are great bee repellents. Fill a spray bottle with a little soap, water and one or all three of the mentioned oils. Spray this mixture around the house or building to help repel the bees. It is also a great idea to plant mint in the garden if the other flowers are attracting too many other bees. And when in doubt, good old fashioned mothballs always work. They’re great for keeping moths, bees and other insects away from certain areas.

Professional Bee Removal

When these methods don’t work it is always best to call a professional pest control expert. Attempting to remove a bee hive can be dangerous without the proper training, experience and equipment. Anteater Exterminating provides effective and professional pest control services. Our exterminators are all thoroughly trained and have years of experience in dealing with every type of common best in Arizona. Our team has been providing pest control services to Phoenix residents since 1995 and not only do we provide the highest quality pest control but we also have a five star customer satisfaction rating! Our customers trust Anteater Exterminating to keep their homes and businesses pest free! When you need bee removal or pest control, call Anteater Exterminating today!


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