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The Lies Pests Tell: Common Myths About Pests Debunked

Do people really swallow bugs while they sleep? Do bedbugs actually live in mattresses? Do mice actually love cheese? Myths about pests and how to control them have been floating around for a long time, but is there any truth to these tall tales? Pest control companies often not only provide exterminator services but also work to help inform the general public. Anteater Exterminating is ready to answer common myths about bugs, rodents and other home invaders. Read on to learn more.

Common Myths About Pests Debunked

Do People Actually Swallow Bugs In Their Sleep?

False. According to professional entomologist Matan Shelomi, “insects are not [that] stupid.” They can recognize your mouth for what it is: a mouth, or at least they can understand that a “warm, moist, CO2-exhaling cave” does not a home make. Moreover, they can identify the large living being attached to said mouth and will refrain from reenacting the asteroid slug scene from Star Wars.

common myths pests debunked

Moreover he goes on to explain that you probably eat more insects unintentionally when consuming fruits and vegetables. Not that you will unsuspectingly eat a worm. Instead, because crops grown in America undergo intensive pesticide treatment, you will likely eat and have eaten microscopic insect parts! If that seems disgusting, remember that insects comprise a large part of international diets and that these insect parts have probably been mass sprayed with the rest of the fruit. Wash the fruit and avoid the parts.

Bees Can Only Sting Once

Partly true. Honey bees are commonly quoted as only being able to sting once but that only occurs if the skin is sufficiently thick as it is on mammals like bears or humans. Otherwise, the right bee can sting and subdue enemies to the hive with abandon.

Other species of bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets can and will sting multiple times if provoked. The Africanized honey bee also is not to be taken lightly, as this invasive species is much more prone to sting aggressively to defend its hive. Deaths have been reported in the United States due to the unexpected or improper handling of these hives. If you think you have an Africanized hive on your property, contact the professionals at Anteaters.

Bugs (And Rodents) Only Invade Dirty Houses

False. While most might look at a dirty home as a buffet for insects and rodents, our abodes provide more than just food. Pests are just like us: they need food, water and shelter and they do well to notice how well humans have managed to provide all three such things for themselves.

Of course, keeping a clean home has its own benefits, but it does not necessarily preclude your tidy space from the rat race. It’s always best to minimize out-of-the-way spots from exploitation by home invaders and maintain a watchful eye for those who will attempt to bypass conventional entrances and use for molding, baseboards and trim for highways and byways from the home to the colony.

Bugs Use Drains To Invade Homes

False. If the drain is dry and hasn’t been used in a while, it might provide an opportunity for bugs to enter your home. However, this implies a lack of use due to either remodeling or abandonment. If the drain is frequently in use however, no self-respecting insect will attempt to scale the waterways. Most insects are largely terrestrial or airborne and the high volumes of water in a drain can prevent flight and cause drownings.

Bedbugs Only Live In Mattresses

False. The name “bedbugs” doesn’t fully encapsulate just how ubiquitous these bugs can spread, bedbug research Stephen Kells told the Scientific American. They will infest anything from backpacks and suitcases to chairs and ceilings. They don’t care if the place is dirty either, they just want a constant supply of available hosts. Ironically, Cimex lectularius prefers not to ride along is the human body–we run too hot for them to settle in. This is why they choose those adjacent areas, relatively safe from heat. Bedbugs also do not reproduce fast, which makes exterminating them easier.

rodent control phoenix

Mice Only Want Cheese

Partly true. While cartoons like Tom and Jerry popularized the pairing of mouse and cheese, what Jerry would really appreciate is a good bit of sugar. Dried fruits, candies, honey and even peanut butter are must-haves for any mouse on the town. It’s even suggested to use chocolate and peanut butter on mouse traps for a higher success rate.

Mosquitos Are Only Active During Dawn and Dusk

False. While some mosquitos are more fond of dawn and dusk to take advantage of falling temperatures, most do not discriminate feeding time. Blood is blood and mosquitos will cross heaven and earth to have some. Well, maybe not heaven. But the point still stands: be ready with the bug spray to keep these parasites away.

All Insects Are Pests

False. Some insects and arachnids are actually great to encourage near you homes and gardens. Some bugs even serve multiple roles, not at all of them bad. Mosquitos and wasps, while generally a nuisance, are also pollinators. Spiders may freak out the arachnophobic, but they also provide many pest control services for free. And bees are some of the world’s best pollinators. When they don’t swarm your home, they are actively spreading pollen from plant to plant in their quest for nectar. Ants too, can help develop top soil and remove aphids from plants. Of course, keeping bird feeders is never a bad idea to manage pests either.

Anteater Exterminating: The Best Pest Control Phoenix

That doesn’t mean that the likes of bedbugs, cockroaches, wasps, termites, rodents and scorpions are not pests nor that others cannot qualify as pests. Nor are you unfair to want these creatures outside of your home. Just know that not every situation requires immediate fumigation. Talk with a licensed technician from Anteater Exterminating today to see how you can better protect your home from unwanted invitees today. It’s no myth, Anteaters really are your pest control ally in the Valley.

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The Lies Pests Tell: Common Myths About Pests Debunked

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