Cockroach Control Scottsdale

Cockroach Control Scottsdale

Cockroach Control Scottsdale AZIf you are having a cockroach problem in your home, apartment, or business—you do.

Cockroaches breed very quickly and contaminate nearly everything they touch. You aren’t safe when they die either. Cockroach carapaces turn into a fine dust. This dust can cause allergies, even in those who have never suffered from them before. Protect your home. Protect your family.

Choose professional cockroach and pest control services in Scottsdale from the experts at Anteater Exterminating Inc.

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Are you getting the best cockroach pest control in Scottsdale?

Killing cockroaches should always be performed by a certified cockroach control company in Scottsdale. DIY cockroach extermination leaves serious gaps in the process. It also relies on your expertise. If you don’t know why you have roaches, are you prepared to treat your home for them?

  • We perform a detailed cockroach inspection that covers more than any checklist.
  • Our exterminators identify your cockroach species and treat it accordingly.
  • Roach prevention is performed. This removes roach hiding places.
  • Commercial methods treat roach infestations directly. We don’t use bug bombs.
  • Cockroach maintenance plans provide ongoing protection year round.

Why doesn’t over the counter cockroach control work?

Roaches have become immune to certain over-the-counter pesticides. Not only that, one of the most popular options doesn’t go far enough. Cockroach foggers do not work the way you want them to. They spray upwards. Pesticides end up covering surface areas. This leaves the underside and insides of appliances, boxes, etc. clean and clear. Since cockroaches in Scottsdale typically stay hidden during the day you won’t end up directly treating many, if any, of them.

Cockroaches contaminate food and spread disease. Put a stop to it now.

We customize treatments for your property and provide ongoing service. Get rid of roaches now and later.

Get results with professional cockroach control procedures.

Cockroach Control Services

  • We perform a complete cockroach inspection. Inspecting for roaches isn’t as simple as checking boxes off a list. Different property types mean different nesting areas. These also vary by species. We know where they live, why they live there, and what keeps them around. Our inspections identify these areas so we can address them.

  • We perform complete cockroach treatment preparation. Preparing your home is integral. We will ask you to move certain items away from areas that will be treated. Roaches are extremely hardy and preparation will change depending on what methods we determine will be most effective.

  • Our exterminators use best practices and are OPM Certified. OPM stands for the Office of Pest Management. We are certified to effectively use the most advanced treatment methods. These may include spray treatments, dusting, bait traps or organic cockroach control methods like boric acid or diatomaceous earth.

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Roach control starts with our exterminators. You won’t get the results you want with a non-certified, blanket approach to eliminating roaches. We create every pest control treatment program for the specific property and roach species. Call or contact us today for cockroach control in Scottsdale.