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Bee Removal Glendale AZBees can be so much more than a nuisance. Some species need very little provocation in order to attack, and for those with allergies, they can pose a constant threat. With many species building nests near homes or even within them, we’ve found bees in floors, attics, walls, and chimneys.

The longer you let a bee problem persist, the more entrenched they become in their environment and the greater the potential for damage.

Getting rid of bees isn’t for the back burner. Anteater Exterminating Inc. puts your needs at the forefront and provides complete bee extermination.

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Arizona is host to a large number of bee species. One of the deadliest is the Africanized Honey Bee. Though this bee looks very similar to its much more docile cousin, these bees have some unique characteristics.

These bees are hyper-aggressive and territorial, that means it takes very little to upset them, they pursue targets longer, and swarm with greater ferocity. That’s why they pose such a danger to pets, children, and those with bee allergies. We begin every visit with identification.

With extensive training and experience, we can spot the subtle difference between bee species, and formulate the perfect plan of attack for complete bee removal in Glendale, AZ.

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If you’ve got a bee infestation, professional bee removal in Glendale, AZ is the smart choice. There are a wide variety of bees inhabiting Arizona, and our bee removal experts know the appropriate treatments and methods to use no matter where their hive is located. Just a few of the bee species we frequently encounter include:

Masked Bees – These hairless, slender, jet black bees nest in beetle burrows and dead twigs.

Honey Bees – Black and white in color, these bees nest in houses, trees, and rock outcrops.

Mining Bees – These dull metallic bees nest in sandy areas and are covered in red or black hairs.

Leafcutter Bees – Bright metallic, these bees prefer soil, wood, or beetle holes for nesting.

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bee control Glendale az
Removing bees is a necessity depending on the nesting area and habitat of the bees requiring removal.

Using the most reliable methods tailor-made for the type of habitat your bee infestation is occurring in, we’ll use aerosols, powders, and liquid applications.

We use care to ensure the safety of you and your family, and our pest control technicians don’t believe the job is complete until you receive total bee removal.

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