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Does Anteater Pest Control Handle Animals Too or Just Pests?

A pest invasion is one of the worst experiences a homeowner can go through. They not only damage property and food but can also be an extreme nuisance to your household. While many pests can invade your home, sometimes the problem might not be what you are used to. If you have wild animals straying into your property, you will need more than regular pest control services. Fortunately, Anteater Extermination has you covered!

What does Anteater Pest Control do?

Anteater offers solutions to properties that pests have invaded. We are a pest management company that renders control and extermination services to both commercial and residential properties. Whether you are battling cockroaches, ants, bees, or bedbugs, our team of professionals will find a way to take care of the nuisance permanently.

Does Anteater Pest Control handle animals too?

Yes! We will deal with any alien creatures that should not be on your property. It not only needs to be insects or arachnids before you contact us. Whether it’s wild animals or birds giving you sleepless nights, you can always give us a call. Anteater Pest Control focuses on helping households or businesses that have been invaded by wild animals too. We protect you from the threat of all types of wildlife, including:
– Raccoons
– Squirrels
– Opossums
– Wild rats
– Birds
And more! With Anteater Pest Control, pest control is a lot easier, and we offer full residential or commercial services.

What are your pest control methods?

Anteater Extermination uses different pest control methods for each type of animal. There are dozens of techniques that we employ depending on the species and severity of infestation. The basic process involves trapping, baiting, or spraying to kill pests or wildlife in their nests. Generally, our methods can be categorized into:

Chemical control

This involves the use of pesticides and sprays to kill the pest. It is often used for more minor infestations in homes or small businesses. However, it can still be dangerous if not handled correctly. The chemicals used for exterminating the pests from your home will vary and depend on your service provider. Companies may also use chemical repellents, which are toxic powders or liquids that do not kill pests but instead make it difficult for them to live in treated areas. This is often effective when you want to keep animals away from specific places like your garden or chicken coop.

Physical control

This is the most common method of pest control when it comes to wildlife problems. It can include trapping and sealing any entry points to prevent the animal from coming back. The animal or bird will be trapped and removed by experts to keep you safe from harm. Anteater Extermination has been in business for over 28 years, and we have the experience to handle animals you would not think of as pests.

What can I do to prevent animals from entering my property?

There are many ways that you can deter small wildlife such as raccoons, possums and squirrels. Here is a list of tips:
– Cover your trash cans with heavy lids so the animals cannot get in and spread garbage around your garden or site.
– Keep any pet food inside at night.
– Don’t leave bird feeders out overnight or in the morning when you let your pets outside to play; they attract many animals that will keep coming back for more if it is there!
– Seal up all openings around pipes, vents and other entry points where animals can get into your home.
– Use natural repellents such as predator urine or peppermint spray to keep animals away from your garden and pets without using harmful chemicals. These methods are only effective on some types of pests, so it is best to call professionals if you have doubts!
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When should I call Anteater Pest Control?

While you may be able to manage a pest infestation on your, some situations will call for professional attention. The following are signs that you should call us for help:

– Animals are nesting in your attic or walls.
– The infestation is spreading to multiple rooms, and it has been several days since you noticed the problem.
– You have tried other methods for pest control without success, or if they cause more harm than good!
– The infestation has become excessive and could be a threat to you or your family’s health.
If in doubt, always give us a call; we are here for the safety of your home and family! We can solve any pest issue at Anteater Pest Control with our knowledge, experience and equipment.

Contact Us Today!

If you’ve been overwhelmed by pest infestations in your home or business, reach us anytime for a thorough inspection and an effective plan to rid yourself of pests! Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have, and we will be glad to provide a free estimate for our exterminator Phoenix services.

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Does Anteater Pest Control Handle Animals Too or Just Pests?

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