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Bed Bug Treatment Glendale AZJust the thought of a bed bug infestation can be enough to scare many business and homeowners.

Bed bugs are a constantly increasing problem because they spread so quickly. Frequently hiding in luggage, they hitchhike from one property to another. If you believe your property is infested with bed bugs, treatment should be your first and immediate priority. Anteater Exterminating Inc. provides bed bug treatment and pest control service that Glendale AZ residents can depend on.

Our technicians are certified and trained to perform bed bug identification, elimination, and prevention in residential and commercial environments.

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Do bed bugs spread disease when they feed?

Bed bugs can make a good night sleep seem like a distant dream. They feed on blood in order to survive. This means any exposed areas of skin are potential feeding grounds.

Their bites cause red welts and can transmit the Chagas disease.

When they put off bed bug and other pest control, Glendale AZ property owners may further spread bed bugs without meaning to. This is often how they enter the homes of friend and family. If you aren’t sure whether or not your home is infected, check for these signs.

Bed bug signs and symptoms.

What do bed bugs look like? Bed bugs have pancake-like flat bodies. Shaped like an oval, they are colored between red and brown. Growth can reach as large as 1/8th an inch.

Where can I find bed bugs? As their name suggests, bed bugs often live and hide around mattresses. They can be found underneath, but also like other warm areas. These include electronic devices, heaters, and even outlets.

Is that blood stain from a bed bug? Bed bugs return to their hiding places after feeding. When sleeping victims roll over in the night, they can crush bugs. Look for dried spots of blood on your mattress and sheets, this can indicate crushed bed bugs.

How big are bed bug shells? Hatched bed bugs leave egg casings behind. These are small, pearly shaped, and white. You may also find dried exoskeletons that 1 – 3mm wide and 1 – 6mm long. These shed from bed bugs as they mature.

Is it that speck bed bug poop? This has the appearance of ground pepper and can often be found in mattress corners and creases.

Choose OPM certified bed bug treatment.

Bed Bug Treatment Glendale ArizonaWhen it comes to exterminating bed bugs,  our company has the experience to treat your entire property. We require them to receive certifications and in-depth training from the Office of Pest Management. This allows us to create the most effective, customized, and targeted bed bug treatments for your property.

We have been providing bed bug treatment Glendale AZ relies on since 1995. Our procedures use state of the art methods, and all of our staff engages in continual training.

This helps us remain at the forefront of best practices and methodology. We even use different methods depending on the room, to achieve the best results. Our certified technicians always use the safest available treatment methods.

Commercial bed bug training and treatment can prevent infestations!

Custom bed bug treatment is the easiest way for commercial property owners to be pro-active. We tailor plans for your property in order to provide effective prevention, treatment, and infestation control no matter what your business. This is particularly useful for high-risk buildings like dormitories, apartments, and hotels. Our scheduled bed bug treatment Glendale, AZ services are performed at your convenience. Our technicians are also happy to train your staff in the latest bed bug prevention and safety methods. These can greatly lower the odds of an infestation.

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