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Roof Rat Control

While commonly thought to dwell in sewers in alleyways, rats can appear in more places than that.

They’re sneaky and versatile and can come up even if you’ve done everything right like keeping your house clean. It can be difficult to keep these invasive pests out of your home.

Keeping them from re-entering once they’ve been eliminated is just as important as removing the immediate threat.

Roof rats are one of the most difficult pests to handle, so for roof rat and pest control services in Glendale AZ trust the professionals at Anteater Exterminating Inc.

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Roof rats are difficult to catch, trap, and even bait. They are hyper-aware and catch on quickly to environmental dangers. But they’re no match for our highly trained pest control technicians.

We have extensive experience controlling non-native and native rat species in the area. Though they can be visually difficult for amateurs to tell apart, analyzing their behaviors can help you determine whether or not you are dealing with roof rats.

By identifying the specific species, we can create a better plan to combat and control them. In Glendale, AZ roof rats can nest in many areas, some more intuitive than others. Examples of some of these exterior nesting sites include:

  • Dry or dead palm trees with an abundance of fronds.
  • In and around thickly-brushed sections of the yard.
  • High ground areas like supply sheds and garden rockeries.
  • Beneath fence ledges and inside of thickly vined places.
  • Behind or inside piles of trash, lumber, wood, etc.
  • And many more places many people don’t often check.

How we handle your roof rat problem

What kind of roof rat do I have? There are several distinct species of rats that inhabit Arizona. Roof rats exercise far more caution than their Norwegian brethren.

This wariness of humans and skittish nature means it’s hard to catch them. Amateur methods can cause them to reorganize their nest or quickly wise up to control methodology. As your trusted roof rat control company, we’ll eliminate your infestation and teach you how to decrease the likelihood of a future reoccurrence.

We know the best way to get rid of rats fast!

Inspection – We begin all of our visits with a thorough inspection. Different rat species require different methodology. That’s why we make sure to properly identify your pests first. We have personable and friendly technicians.

They may ask you questions concerning pest activity, droppings, noises, and more. We’ll inspect your entire property, brief you on our findings, and recommend the most effective treatment.

Treatment – We often use a variety of tactics when performing rodent control. Each type may be used independently or in conjunction with another extermination method. This integrated pest management is customized for your property and assaults roof rats on several fronts.

Roof rat treatment may involve treating soffits, ceilings, wall voids, attics, carports, and more. These pests often reside deep within a property, causing extensive damage.

Modification – We do post-treatment follow up at every job site in Glendale, AZ. Multiple treatments may be necessary to eliminate roof rats. We do advise continued maintenance measures for long-lasting roof rat control.

Our technicians will also aid you in modifying your property to prevent re-occurrences. This may include removing common nesting areas, securing cracks, crevices, and pipes leading into the home, and securing or removing food sources.

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