Roof Rat Control Glendale AZ

Effective Rat Control

Roof Rat Control Glendale AZAnteater Exterminating Inc. handles all sorts of dangerous pests, including the bark scorpion, wasps, and rats. Roof rats have many different names; ship rat, house rat, or black rat. These are your stereotypical rat that gets into most people’s homes and is especially despised by farmers because they can eat a large number of crops if not eliminated quickly. Not only are they disliked, but they can be a health concern; rat droppings contain harmful diseases and bacteria that can make humans and animals very sick. Whether you’ve heard them in your rafters at night, found them foraging, or stumbled upon a nesting site, when you need a roof rat exterminator Glendale you need it now. Roof rats can be much more skittish and wary than other rodents and rat species. Because of this, it makes effective control measures a necessity.

With an experienced roof rat control company like Anteater Exterminating Inc. tackling your pest problems, you’ll be roof rat-free in no time. If you believe you need roof rat services, there are some distinct signs and behaviors that differentiate roof rats. Roof rat control in Glendale is such a necessity because roof rats are much more challenging to catch, trap, or bait because of their suspicious nature. You can often find them in bushes, vegetation, trees, the attic. In the outdoors, they frequently feed on small insects, pet food, fruits, and plants. If they have ready access to human food, they will pursue it, and often live in hard to reach areas in a home or business.

Identifying Roof Rats

Roof rat exterminating services may be the solution to your infestation. Some unique habits can help you identify these pests.

Though professionals will provide identification, there are some indications you should look for if you have suspicions.
Roof rat control in Glendale is crucial because roof rats can be more difficult to trap, catch, and bait. With an amplified natural suspicion of their surroundings, improper control methods can make these rats harder to manage.

They live both indoors and outdoors, including trees, attics, vegetated areas, and bushes. They feed on small insects, pet food, plants, and fruit. If human food is available, they will seek it out. Indoor nests occur in less traveled and inspected areas like the attic, rafters, and within walls.

With proper rodent identification from our roof rat control technicians in Glendale, you can be sure of the species. With many similarities to their Norwegian cousins, there are characteristic behaviors you can look for to differentiate them. Exterior locations cover:

  • Within or behind trash piles, woodpiles, stacks of lumber, etc
  • On raised areas in gardens and inside or around supply sheds
  • Beneath fence ledges, behind vegetated areas and vines
  • Inside thickly brushed areas both off and on the ground
  • In palm trees with large amounts of dead palm fronds


Signs Of Roof Rats

Most of the time, a rat problem is apparent, but if you are still unsure, we have a few tips that can help you confirm your suspicions.

If you have fruit trees around your property or have citrus fruits in your home, you can check these for signs of rats. Hollowed out fruit is a sign of rodents; they enjoy the sweet juices of oranges and other fruits as much as we do. When the fruit falls on the ground, it becomes an easily accessible meal for the entire group.

If you notice gnaw marks on your TV cables, phone charging cords, and other wires around your home, it is a sure-fire sign of a rodent problem. As these animals must continuously gnaw to keep their teeth short, there will be apparent signs around their dwelling.

It is relatively simple to identify rat droppings; they look like small brown pellets slightly bigger than grains of rice.

If you have pets in your home that are acting more anxious than usual, it could be that they are picking up the scent of the rats or mice.

And lastly, any audible or visual signs will confirm that you have a rodent problem. Hearing scratching sounds behind your walls and seeing mice or rats hanging around your property on powerlines and near bushes are all positive indications of a rodent problem.

Damage From Roof Rats

Roof rats are adept at finding ways into your home through vents and gaps. They thrive in overhead areas. We specially design our control methods to combat these pests. We’ll treat every area they may be hiding, including wall voids, attics, carports, ceilings, and soffits. Roof rats cause structural damage and spread disease.

Their teeth do not stop growing, and because of this, they need to gnaw. These rats typically choose electrical wires to chew on, and since the damage occurs in such out of the way areas, a repair can be incredibly costly. Without roof rat control, something that seems minor can quickly become a significant problem.

How To Get Rid Of Rats

How To Get Rid Of Roof Rats In Attic Glendale AZRodents are a tricky pest to eliminate from any property. Because they are excellent at hiding and go out mostly at night time, it can be challenging for people to rid their homes of these animals. Hiring a professional exterminator is going to be the quickest and most effective way of eliminating your rodent problem for good. Having professionally installed rodent traps is exceptionally effective at controlling live rodents from getting into your home.

At Anteater Exterminating, all of our technicians are trained and experienced in dealing with many different rodent species. Our team takes excellent care to ensure your property remains rodent-free!

Rat Inspection

We begin all of our visits with a thorough inspection. Different rat species require different methodologies. That’s why we make sure to identify the type of pest you are dealing with correctly. We have personable and friendly technicians.

They may ask you questions concerning pest activity, droppings, noises, and more. We’ll inspect your entire property, brief you on our findings, and recommend the most effective treatment.

Rodent Treatment

We often use a variety of tactics when performing rodent control. Each type may be used independently or in conjunction with another extermination method. We customize our integrated pest management for your property and assault roof rats on several fronts.

Roof rat treatment may involve treating soffits, ceilings, wall voids, attics, carports, and more. These pests often reside deep within a property, causing extensive damage. It is common to use a combination of traps and rodenticides to prevent rodent problems.

Pest Control Modification

We do post-treatment follow up at every job site in Glendale. Multiple treatments may be necessary to eliminate roof rats. We do advise continued maintenance measures for long-lasting roof rat control.

Our technicians will also aid you in modifying your property to prevent re-occurrences. These tips may include removing common nesting areas, installing rat traps, securing cracks, crevices, and pipes leading into the home, and securing or removing food sources.

Rat Control Near Me

We combat these rodents wherever they are with effective roof rat services in Glendale. Using integrated roof rat management allows our technicians to utilize multiple methods at once effectively, including traps and rodenticides.

We’ll thoroughly inspect your property, taking careful notes regarding activity, signs, and movement. Taking note of entry points and contributing factors allows us to help you address them. These tips can aid in creating an environment that is unfavorable to roof rats and reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Extermination can involve a variety of methods. Every roof rat situation is different. We’ll take every factor into account, including pets, children, frequently used areas, and property size.

With vast experience applying treatment methods for effective roof rat control, we’ll ensure your infestation gets targeted treatment.

That means the intelligent application of products. We can provide maintenance treatments as necessary, but many customers see great results very rapidly. Call Anteater Exterminating if you are having problems with roof rats or other types of rodents.